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Cost Effective 1300 Numbers Available in Australia

It’s a fact that making life easier for your customers should be the number one priority for all businesses out there. It’s a lesson that every aspiring businessperson should be able to apply when they decide to set up their own business, and there’s no better way to put this advice into action than to ensure that your company is contactable all the time and by having a number that’s easy to remember.

Establishing a contact number that everyone can remember – customers and prospective customers alike – must be properly chosen from the get-go. As a result, you have provided your business an advantage over your competitors who make it hard for their customers to keep in touch with them. Needless to say, you also don’t want to spend too much of your budget on communication expenses.

All of these benefits are easily possible with the help of a 1300 number service - in this article everything you need to know about 1300 numbers in Australia will be explained to you.

What is a 1300 Phone Number?

1300 phone numbers, also known as Local Call Numbers, are ten-digit virtual telephone numbers used to receive incoming phone calls. There is no area code with 1300 numbers like there is with local numbers (e.g. 02, 03, 07 etc). 1300 allows your customers to call your business at local rates from any line within Australia. This serves as the point of contact for your business that enables your customers to communicate with your company even when they are outside of your local area.

Since these are inbound numbers, you can only use them for incoming calls. Therefore, your current telephone number will still be used to make an outgoing call. In many ways, Australia 1300 numbers are better than landline and mobile numbers for your business as they offer better call handling alternatives. For one, these numbers can be redirected to your designated answering point depending on staff availability, time & day, and location. It can be customised based on the needs of your business at a given time.

Unlike physical landline numbers, you don’t have to worry about office relocation and the constant need to change your contact information. By using 1300 Australia phone numbers, you’re given the flexibility to work anywhere you want without having the fear of losing an important customer. These inbound numbers are not limited to any geographical position, which makes it possible for your business to transfer from one city to another while being able to retain your main contact number.

How Does a 1300 Number Work?

For businesses that are just starting out, Australia 1300 numbers help to hide the actual size and location of your business. By providing an inbound number to your existing and prospective customers, you give them the impression that your business is bigger than it actually is. By levelling the playing field, your small business will be given the same opportunity for success just like other longer established companies.

If you’re starting a small or even a one-man online business, it doesn’t matter if you decide to work in a different location everyday as you’re guaranteed to receive all your incoming calls wherever you are. 1300 Australia numbers help to push customers from all over the country to call you while hiding the fact that you’re doing most of your work in the comfort of your favourite coffee shop or even at home. As your business expands, you can also take advantage of the other benefits of using an inbound number.

Bigger companies are known to have multiple 1300 numbers, often one for each of their marketing campaigns (i.e. email newsletter, pay-per-click advertising, social media and print ads among others). In this way, you can easily see the results of each of the implemented marketing activities which in turn lets you decide where to primarily focus your current and future marketing dollars. This is achieved through the visibility you obtain from detailed summary reports of the calls to each 1300 number i.e. campaign. Thus providing insights that are vital to measuring the effectiveness (including the Return on Investment i.e. ROI) of each marketing campaign.

Why Choose a 1300 Number Over 1800 & 13 Numbers?

Now that you’re familiar with 1300 phone numbers, let’s explore other inbound numbers that you can use for your business – 1800 numbers and 13 numbers. What are 13 numbers and 1800 numbers? Essentially these numbers perform the same function as 1300 numbers in that they are all considered virtual numbers. Whether you choose 1300, 1800 or a 13 number, each of them can be diverted to one or more answering points.

Also, just like 1300 numbers, both 1800 and 13 numbers are fully portable as well, making them an ideal option for SMEs and start-ups that are growing, which might be constantly relocating from one office to another. Since all features are present to each inbound number, it all boils down to just one factor when choosing the ideal virtual number for your business, the monthly cost!

Cost of a 1300 number

The cost of a call to a 1300 number is appropriated between the caller and the account holder (i.e., business owner). Callers to 1300 numbers Australia are charged at a local rate from any fixed telephone line in Australia, which is the primary reason why they are called “Local Call Numbers”. On the other hand, the account holder is charged depending on the telco carrying / hosting their number. Call origin and the location where the 1300 number is being routed to also plays a role in determining the call charges to be paid by the account holder.

Some virtual number service providers – like Virtual Headquarters – provide packages that allow small businesses to benefit from 1300 numbers at an extremely affordable rate. Only pay a $25 once off set up fee when you have decided to use the service. After that, you only need to pay $20 per month. This $20 is a capped rate, regardless of the call volume your business uses in any given month. You could be receiving hundreds of calls each week and still only pay $20 per month for the 1300 number itself. Other providers will charge you per minute per call, which can quickly destroy your budget.

When combined with one of our Virtual Receptionist plans, that start from $20 per month, for a base subscription cost of just $55 per month you have a complete virtual telephone service that includes both an easy to recall inbound number, as well as a professional answering service. Without a doubt, it’s hard to find a better deal than this. Avoid costly mistakes – combining a Live Answering Service with the same provider as your 1300 number, that caps call costs on the 1300 number itself (only $20 a month in the case of Virtual HQ), can save you hundreds of dollars a month if you have high inbound call volumes combined with a professional Answering Service.

Cost of 1800 Number

When it comes to 1800 numbers, callers using any fixed phone line in Australia to make a call won’t have to pay for anything. In short, all calls are free for the caller and the account holder shall be the one to shoulder the whole call cost, hence them being referred to as “Free-Call or Toll-Free Numbers.” However, callers who use a mobile phone will be charged based on their mobile network carrier.

As for the account holder, charges are often significantly higher compared to using a 1300 number. One important thing to take into consideration is that an 1800 number service doesn’t offer a free talk time feature; therefore, all calls are charged at a ‘per minute’ rate. Other factors that play a role in terms of determining the cost are the origin of the call, whether it is made via a mobile phone or landline, and the location where the 1800 number is routed to.

Having to shoulder all call costs might not be a smart decision if your business is just starting out or still growing. At the early stages of your business, you have to control all of your expenses including monthly communication costs. For this reason, a 1800 number is not necessarily the ideal choice for everyone.

Cost of a 13 Number

Just like 1300 telephone numbers, callers pay a regular local call fee when using fixed Australian phone lines. Mobile phone users will also be required to pay a rate that varies based on their mobile network carrier. In terms of functionality, 13 numbers deliver the same features as the 1300 and 1800 numbers. If you’re a caller, you won’t probably notice the difference at all, aside from the fact that you’re only dialling 6 digits of number in total.

Essentially, a 13 number is composed only of 6 digits as compared to the traditional 10 digits used in 1300 and 1800 numbers. The biggest advantage of choosing this virtual inbound number over other services is the chance to use a business number that is easier to remember. As good as that seems, you need to know that there’s an ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) government fee amounting to $850 per month that needs to be paid by the account holder on top of the monthly call charges.

13 numbers convey the impression that is frequently associated with large companies that cater to the national market. Therefore, using this virtual inbound number can make a significant difference to the success of your company’s marketing campaign, which makes the payment of roughly $850 monthly fee somehow reasonable. Unfortunately, not every company in Australia can afford to sustain such a high monthly communication expense which amounts to about $10,000 just for “renting” the 13 number itself.

If your business happens to be one of the 97% that comprises the Small Business Sector (0-19 employees) in Australia, chances are that you will have a hard time paying for a 13 number service. When you compare the cost of a 13 number with a 1300 number service, you will notice that a month’s worth of a 13 number subscription (at least $850) is equivalent to 3 ½ years (42 months) worth of a Virtual HQ 1300 number monthly subscription ($20).

Benefits of Using a 1300 Number

If you’re exploring more ways to improve the professional image of your business, then 1300 numbers might just do that for you – and a lot more. This virtual inbound number is ideal for a business of any size; whether you’re based in Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra, Perth, or Sydney, you’re ensured that all customers across Australia will have an improved perception of the image of your business.

  • Use the same phone number for the life of your business. One important benefit of using a 1300 number is that you don’t have to change your number whenever you relocate to another business address. It allows you to use only one number for the whole duration of your business life. This helps you maintain long-standing business relationships with your customers by ensuring new and repeat customers are always able to contact you.
  • Helps to centralize your business. If your business happens to operate from multiple locations, using 1300 numbers makes it easier for your customers to reach you by having just a single number as your point of contact (when dialling from within Australia there is no area code to dial). As much as possible, you want to make it convenient for your customers to communicate with your business and eliminating the need for them to remember more than one number makes life easier for them.
  • Flexible call routing options. Albeit there is usually additional setup and monthly charges, your 1300 number can be diverted to one or more answering points, which can be landline and mobiles depending on your availability on a given day. Depending on the time of the call, you can schedule multiple routing options in case the primary answering point is busy or suddenly becomes unavailable. It’s also ideal for businesses who want to maintain a 24/7 live answering service for their customers, allowing you to capture all business opportunities that come your way. In case your company doesn’t have anyone to answer your calls after business hours, you can use a Virtual Receptionist service to avoid hiring additional in-house staff to man your phone in the wee hours.
  • If you decide to go with Virtual Headquarters for your 1300 number subscription, you will also enjoy a wide range of Answering Service options like Virtual Receptionist, Message Express and My Assistant / Diary Management. Or messaging options like Fax to Email, Voicemail to Email and Divert Service. All in all, 1300 numbers are more business-friendly for the audience that matters - your prospective and existing clients. The money you can save using this service can go a long way in terms of helping your company gain a competitive advantage over other businesses by keeping costs to a minimum while ensuring you never miss calls.

    Not bad for a fee that will only cost you $20 a month for the 1300 number itself! Witness your business grow faster than ever before. Get transparency of your marketing campaigns. See your sales improve when you combine a 1300 number with a professional Australian based Answering Service that ensures no calls are ever missed.

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