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Virtual Office Brisbane

Virtual Office Brisbane provides you with all the benefits of an actual office in the Brisbane CBD, overlooking the river, at low cost and without any long-term commitment.

Virtual Office Brisbane facilitates the provision of a professional image while maintaining flexibility to increase or reduce the components of your Virtual Office Services as you decide.

Our Virtual Office Brisbane business centre provides a cost effective solution because you only pay for what you need. With our Brisbane Virtual Offices you cut out unnecessary overheads such as excess office space and the time and cost of hiring and training office staff or sourcing and purchasing office furniture and equipment.

At Virtual Office Brisbane we aim to provide services that allow you to focus on what you do best, selling and servicing your customers!

Virtual Office Brisbane Services (available for you to mix and match) include:

  • Our Premium Phone Answering Service where your calls are answered and handled exactly the way you decide. Our friendly, Australian based receptionists can transfer calls to you or simply take a message. We allocate a local Brisbane phone number instantly to you on setting up the No Obligation FREE 7 Day Trial, which takes only thirty seconds to set up. To get started click 7 Day FREE Trial and complete the simple form with your details. It's all set up automatically, instantly!
  • Prestigious Mailing Address - a Virtual Office Address at our new business centre in the Brisbane CBD.
  • Mail and Courier Services - when mail or courier packages arrive for you at your Brisbane Virtual Offices we let you know. You can drop into your Virtual Office Brisbane and collect your items or we can forward your mail and packages to you.
  • Meeting / Board Rooms – run your meetings in a professional setting at your Virtual Office Brisbane with the peace of mind of knowing you only need to pay for what you require. All of your equipment needs can be made available (e.g. projectors, conferencing facilities) as well as other support services such as catering and secretarial services.
  • Additional live answering and messaging services can be added if/when needed: Virtual Assistant, Diary Management, Message Express, Fax to Email, Voicemail to Email and Divert Service.


Click Virtual Office Brisbane for contact details (as well as a map) of our Level 54, 111 Eagle Street Brisbane CBD business centre.

Aside from our Virtual Office Brisbane CBD business centre, we also have another 50+ business centres Australia wide including many in the Brisbane metropoliatan area. For a list of other locations click: Other Virtual Office Address locations.

What is an answering service?

An answering service is a service that enables you to have an outsourced receptionist answering your calls. Our Australia based receptionists can answer your calls exactly as you want, and you will never have to worry about missing a call again. Having someone pick up every call will help you build strong relationships with your customers.

We have a highly experienced proficient team of Australian receptionists who are ready and waiting to answer your calls in a professional and welcoming manner. They can perform a range of tasks depending on how you want your calls handled. We can answer simple enquiries, forward calls to the relevant team member, gather customer information or take a message and send it through to you via email or SMS.

Why does your Brisbane business need telephone answering services?

60% of business people will hang up as soon as they get a machine according to a recent study from BT in the UK. That means that every time you let a call go to voice mail, you could be losing a potential lead as they move on to the next company on their list. Having a live Queensland based receptionist on the other end of the telephone could just mean a sale for you. So the $64 question you need to ask yourself is: What does it cost me if I lose a sale by missing a call? And then the next question is: Is it worth that cost when I could engage a Virtual Receptionist for a minimal amount?

At Virtual Headquarters we have a team of Australian receptionists who are mature, friendly and professional and ready to take your calls!

Why choose an answering service over an in-house receptionist?


When you hire a physical receptionist you have to pay them an hourly rate. With our service we have a range of subscription plans available so you can choose the one that fits your call patterns. With no fees to sign up and the fact that you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time means you will only be paying for what you need, making it extremely cheap. With no compromise in quality! It is so genuine your callers will literally think our receptionist is your receptionist, sitting in your office.


It is so simple to sign up with us! It will only take a minute to complete the free trial signup form and that's it. If you wanted to hire an in-house receptionist you would have to go through a time consuming hiring and training process. Our live receptionists are already trained and can be taking your calls in just minutes. You just tell us how you want your calls answered and we’ll do it! We represent over 4,500 Australian companies so no matter what industry you are in we will have experience in that industry ...... your callers will literally think our receptionists are sitting in your office.


Our live receptionists can answer your calls around the clock 24/7! An in-house receptionist would be limited to certain working hours and within those they will need to have breaks. With Virtual Headquarters you will have a friendly live receptionist answer every single one of your calls. As mentioned before BT in the UK conducted a study that revealed as many as 60% of business professionals refuse to leave a message to an automated service so it is critical you never miss calls. Imagine all the customers you have lost by letting calls go to voicemail! A live receptionist answering your calls could dramatically increase your sales and therefore your customer base.

Increase your Productivity

Now that you don’t have to worry about answering the phones you can take some time to focus on your business strategy and higher value tasks that only you can do. By you not answering your own calls you will be more productive and focused on tasks that will help grow your business. So we encourage you and your staff to worry about the future of your business by performing higher value tasks while our friendly Queensland based receptionists answer the phone and handle the calls.

What telephone numbers are available?

We have telephone numbers available for Brisbane as well as every other major city in Australia. We also have 1300 numbers available. When you sign up with us you will get allocated a local telephone number which is the number we know your business by. If you have an existing phone number, there is no need to change that number. Simply call forward that number on busy or no answer to your Virtual Headquarters number and we will be answering your telephone calls.

If you do not currently have a business phone number, you can use the local Brisbane number we allocate you or we can swap this out for a 1300 number. And you are able to add more local numbers if you wish, in any city around Australia. This allows you to promote your 1300 number and/or local phone numbers on your web site and marketing collateral, to give prospects and clients the impression that you are a national company. Hence allowing you to create a strong local or national presence with our answering service as the backbone.

Having local or 1300 numbers means customers are far more likely to give you a call, because you present the image you are local but also sizable i.e. national. It may be just the edge they need to choose your company.

We offer a no obligation 7 Day FREE Trial

If you are still tossing up whether a telephone answering service is the right move for your business, why not give us a try today. We offer a 7 day free trial so you can put us to the test. The trial is no obligation and we do not ask for any credit card details. It takes just 30 seconds to complete the form and have your account set up ready for our receptionists to be taking your calls. If you are impressed with our live answering service, as we believe you will be after the seven days, you can then sign up on a month to month basis. There are no long term contracts and we allow you to upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time. This way, you will only ever pay for what you need ensuring the service is very economical, a fraction of the cost of hiring your own in house receptionist or using your own staff who might better serve the business by being productively focused on their core job role, rather than answering the phones.

Try us out today by signing up for our FREE trial or give us a call on 1300 885 830 with any questions.

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