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Divert Service - Frequently Asked Questions

The Divert Service allows you to instantly allocate yourself a local Australian telephone number (e.g. 02 for Sydney, 03 for Melbourne, 07 for Brisbane, 08 for Perth, 036 for Hobart etc) which is then forwarded to your own local telephone number for you or your own receptionist to answer the calls. It takes just a few minutes to set up and we offer a NO obligation FREE Trial. .
Most of our clients using the divert service are established businesses with their own receptionist residing in their main office location e.g. say Brisbane. The company decides they wish to have a "presence" in another state to give the impression to customers that they are "serious about doing business in that other state". We are able to instantly allocate one or more local telephone numbers in the state/s required which the company advertises as their local number in that state. Those local phone numbers are then diverted by us to the client's main reception for them to answer their own phone calls. In this example the company would still have their own Brisbane based receptionist answering and handling all their phone calls. For $20 per number per month, plus diversion costs, the Divert Service is an extremely quick and cost effective way to gain an interstate presence.
Yes we offer a FREE Trial but only for 1/2 day. It only takes a few minutes to set up. In five minutes from now you can be receiving calls for your own in-house receptionist to answer. There are NO charges during the free trial whether you have one or thirty one telephone numbers or receive one or a hundred calls. We only offer the Free Trial for 1/2 day as the purpose of the Free Trial is to ensure you are comfortable the service works. We know it works but by you making a few test calls to your new Virtual Phone Number you will also see it working when the phone rings at the answer point (landing number) you designate.
That is correct. There are NO set up fees and NO security deposits during or after the Free trial for any of our Phone Services including the Divert Service.
Yes. With all our telephone and fax services you are able to sign up for one or more or none of the services! You can add or delete services at any time as your circumstances change. It's your choice.
That's correct. If for any reason you choose not to upgrade to the month to month Divert Service that is fine. There is NO obligation to continue after the Free 7 Day Trial. Additionally the Free Trial is absolutely FREE i.e. there are no charges at all whether you have one or ten numbers and receive one or fifty one calls.
You can have as many local telephone numbers as you wish. Once you set up the Free Trial we can add additional telephone numbers instantly for you to be diverting to your own receptionist who can answer the calls just like she does for your main office now.
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