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Fax to Email - Frequently Asked Questions

The Fax 2 Email service (alternatively know as a Virtual Fax or Inbound Fax service) allows you to instantly allocate yourself a local Australian phone / fax number (e.g. 02 for Sydney, 03 for Melbourne, 07 for Brisbane, 08 for Adelaide, 08 for Perth, 026 for Canberra, 036 for Hobart) with any faxes sent to that number being emailed instantly to one or more email addresses that you decide.
When you set up the Free Trial you simply allocate yourself a local Australian phone number (02, 03, 07 etc) which can be the fax number you advertise. Any faxes sent to that fax number are instantly forwarded in soft copy to one or more email addresses as you determine. So as long as you can access your email you can receive your faxes where ever you are. If you have an existing fax number you can simply divert that number to the fax number you set up with us and instantly be receiving your faxes in soft copy. That allows you to continue advertising your old fax number.
Yes we offer a FREE 7 Day Trial. Set up is instant. In two minutes from now you can be receiving your faxes! There are no charges during the free trial whether you have one or ten fax numbers or receive one or a hundred faxes.
Yes that's right. There are NO set up fees and NO security deposits during or after the Free trial for any of our Live Answering or Fax Services.
Yes! With all our services you are able to utilise one, many or none! It's your choice.
That's right. If for some reason you choose not to upgrade to the month to month Fax 2 Email service that's fine. There is NO obligation to continue after the Free Trial.
You can have as many fax numbers as you wish. Once you set up the Free Trial we can add additional fax numbers instantly.
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