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MyAssistant (Personal Assistant / Virtual Assistant / Diary Service)

MyAssistant is our professional live receptionist service. It is so realistic that callers will literally think it's your own Personal Assistant sitting in your office.

Your new Virtual Assistant will answer calls exactly how you require, as well as ask questions and provide answers to callers. Calls can be introduced and transferred to you and your staff or messages taken and sent instantly to the appropriate staff member/s by email and / or SMS.

With MyAssistant you pay as you go (charged by the minute) so you only pay for "your Personal Assistant" when you actually use her (i.e. when someone calls your business). Hence MyAssistant is a very cost effective alternative to an in-house staff member who needs to be paid all day long, irrespective of the number of calls!

MyAssistant allows you to focus on sales and other important activities, letting our friendly, specialist team of Virtual Assistants answer and handle your calls exactly how you decide.

My Assistant services include:

Order Taking
One of our friendly receptionist team will greet your callers, take order details, answer any customer queries (frequently asked questions) and process orders just the way you require.

Updates to your Website's Forms
Your new Virtual Assistant is able to update web forms from your web site (or your own custom forms) with information gleaned from your callers. That way you obtain the information instantly so can act promptly in dealing with enquiries.

Appointment Setting (Diary Management)
Your new Personal Assistant can book appointments for you, instantly updating an online calendar. Our friendly receptionists will also reschedule appointments for you and your colleagues as required

General Enquiries
Our professional team of receptionists is able to answer your caller's questions based on information you provide to us. So while you focus on growing your business, we'll answer and handle your calls exactly the way you require.

MyAssistant (Personal Assistant) Pricing Details
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