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Prime Business Address

"I need a Virtual Address to look like we are serious"

Whether you are a small business just starting out or an established small or medium sized business, a Virtual Office solution incorporating one or more Virtual Addresses will offer you a very cost effective way to have a presence in a market.

We have over 50 business centres nationally including all the major cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Gold Coast, Parramatta and Wollongong) so you can have a national presence overnight.

Combine your Virtual Address with a Virtual Receptionist to answer and handle your interstate calls giving you a complete Virtual Office solution. Multiple Virtual Offices Australia wide! Does that sound like the image you want to portray to your prospects and customers?

From $48 per month it is very affordable to have a Virtual Office Address. We can be receiving your mail within 24 hours!

Collect your mail during normal business hours or we'll forward it on to you anywhere in the world. In most of our 50+ business centres nationally you are able to collect your mail 24x7 from the business centre. We issue you with your own key or security access card so you can enter the business centre to collect your mail after hours.

If you are not able to collect your mail from the business centre we can forward that mail or package on to you anywhere in the world as you instruct. If you have multiple mail pieces we bundle those up and mail them to you in the one package. Many of the business centres, but not all, charge a small handling fee to bundle the mail up, pay the correct postage and mail it to you from an Australia Post, Post Office. The handling fee is typically $5 or $6 per bundle of mail mailed, plus the cost of the postage. All business centres will charge you at cost the actual cost of the stamps used to forward your mail or parcel.

When mail or a courier package arrives for you at the business centre we inform you by SMS and / or Email. That way you don't have to call in or contact the business centre to check if mail or courier packages have arrived. Notification is FREE as part of your Virtual Mail Address subscription.
Please contact us now with any questions you may have about building your interstate or national Australian presence. Your new Virtual Office can be set up within 24 hours to be receiving mail Australia wide. The Virtual Receptionist component, so you never miss another call, can be set up in a few minutes. We can be answering your phone calls in 5 minutes from now!

Have you thought about expanding your business opportunities with a Prestigious Mail Address in a new location? With over 50 business centres nationally around Australia we can be receiving your mail and courier items today! Click here for our business centre locations.

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